Work to install traffic lights on bridge near Chudleigh Knighton to begin on 10 October

  Posted: 08.10.21 at 16:03 by Will Goddard

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Traffic lights will be installed at the bridge on Clay Lane near Chudleigh Knighton in an effort to improve safety and reduce congestion.

The bridge has been struck as many as 20 times since 1999, and there is poor visibility on the approach to the bridge. There is also congestion during peak times.

Work will begin on Sunday 10 October and is scheduled to be done by Saturday 6 November. Clay Lane will be closed until the work is finished and a diversion will be in place along the A38 between the Chudleigh junction and Drumbridges junction.

Councillor Stuart Hughes, Cabinet Member for Highway Management, said: "There have been three collisions on the bridge itself since 2017 alone, and it’s largely due to motorists not being able to see vehicles approaching from the opposite direction.

"Although vehicles will have to stop and wait when the traffic signals are red, traffic flows at peak times will be better than the current situation where vehicles often have to wait or reverse when faced with oncoming vehicles.

"These lights have become essential not only to protect this historic Grade Two listed structure from being struck by vehicles, but also to improve safety on this part of our road network."


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