Dawlish, Teignmouth to get rapid electric vehicle charging points

  Posted: 18.09.21 at 07:00 by Will Goddard

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Dawlish and other areas in Teignbridge will soon get rapid electric vehicle charging points as part of a national move towards more eco-friendly transport, and in preparation for the 2030 ban on sales of petrol and diesel cars.

It comes as part of a private-sector led scheme including Devon County Council and a number of companies that will see a network of the charging points installed in and around Exeter over the next two years.

Where will the charging points be installed?

In Dawlish, one charging point will be installed on Brunswick Place.

In Teignmouth, they will be installed in Lower Brook Street Car Park, Shute Hill, and Den Crescent. Lower Brook Street and Den Crescent will also get a 'publicly hireable electric Co Car'.

How much will it cost to charge a vehicle?

These charging points are reportedly going to be fast, using a 'cutting-edge energy storage system' which will provide roughly 75 miles of travel after 30 minutes of charging (25kWh) at a cost of £7.50 (30p per kWh).

Councillor Stuart Hughes, Devon County Council Cabinet Member for Highways Management, said: “We know that many are seriously considering buying an electric vehicle and access charging points will be a major factor in their decision.

“DCC has been working with a number of partners recently including Highways England and the district councils to deliver a network of charging points across the county.

“This exciting project with the public sector is a major part of that and will give residents access to charge points in the heart of their communities.”


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