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Mercedes GLE PHEV review

Posted: 20.10.21 by Ginny Buckley Local News

Mercedes is making a big thing of the pure-electric cars it’s launched recently, but it has also been quietly plugging away at its plug-in hybrids t...

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BMW i4 review

Posted: 15.10.21 by Ginny Buckley Local News

Whether petrolheads like it or not, electric cars are the future. But BMW is taking away the fear for drivers who need to be weaned off the petrol pum...

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MG ZS EV gets new look and 110 miles more range

Posted: 12.10.21 by Ginny Buckley Local News

MG has revealed its new, improved version of the ZS EV, which arrives in the brand’s dealerships next month. The renewed model has a new look, but t...

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New Fiat 500 is (RED)dy to do good

Posted: 08.10.21 by Ginny Buckley Local News

The most popular colour for the last Fiat 500 was red - so you may be wondering why it wasn’t a shade offered on the new, all-electric model. Her...

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Rimac Nevera Review

Posted: 04.10.21 by Ginny Buckley Local News

You might have never heard of Rimac. But the company is certainly well-known by other car makers, especially those who want a bit of help engineering ...

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Tesco is UK's best supermarket for electric car charge points, says new survey

Posted: 30.09.21 by Ginny Buckley Local News

A new study has found that owners of electric cars may want to consider heading to Tesco for their weekly shop as nearly half (45%) of its stores have...

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Citroën ë-SpaceTourer Review

Posted: 27.09.21 by Ginny Buckley Local News

One of the most frequent questions we get from readers is about electric seven seaters. Here is a car which goes one – or even two - better. The Cit...

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Kia reveals Sportage with a plug

Posted: 23.09.21 by Ginny Buckley Local News

The new Kia Sportage, which is due to arrive in the UK later this year, will come as a plug-in hybrid the Korean carmaker has said. The Sportage ha...

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Ferrari reveals three-quarter-scale electric Testa Rossa

Posted: 20.09.21 by Ginny Buckley Local News

Ferrari has electrified one of its most successful sports racing cars ever – the 250 Testa Rosa. Limited to just 299 units, the special recreatio...

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Volkswagen ID.3 Review

Posted: 16.09.21 by Ginny Buckley Local News

Volkswagen is investing massively in electric. It believes that it can produce the next ‘people's car’ in the same way that it did with the origin...

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