Dawlish: window smashed and money stolen in break-in at The Strand Centre

  Posted: 23.09.21 at 12:43 by Philippa Davies

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A break-in at the Strand Centre has caused serious damage and left the café unable to open to customers this morning (Thursday, September 23).

At some time between 9pm on Wednesday night and 7am today, someone threw a plant pot through a leaded window, got inside and stole two large jars containing donations of small change.

Manager Paul Lentle said the leaded window will be expensive to replace and will require specialist workmanship, as the lead itself was ripped out. He added: “We couldn’t open the café this morning because there was broken glass everywhere. Quite a lot of people have been affected by this.”

He said the break-in has been reported to the police.

Posting on Facebook, Helena Mancey from the Strand Centre said she was ‘so angry, and very sad’ about the incident and described the culprit as ‘heartless’.

She said: “What really saddens me, is that if they were hungry, thirsty or needing anything, they only had to ask, and the Strand Centre would have given them what they needed.

“Please could Dawlish people look out for anyone shopping in the town paying with all small change.”

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