Dawlish weekend review: The Old Mill Tea Room | Opinion

  Posted: 19.09.21 at 06:30 by Will Goddard

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The Old Mill Tea Room is one of those truly unique, historic places that really reflects a town’s character.

This wonderful little tea room brings so much to Dawlish. From its quirky, ancient interior to its 10-metre wide water wheel outside, it’s really a must-see for any visitor.

The original mill was apparently built in 1717, and the surrounding area was all fields and grazing cows.

I somewhat regretted not sitting outside and enjoying its paved courtyard next to the water wheel, but on the inside it was still a good experience.

I had a sandwich with salmon and a nice helping of crisps on the side. Now, having heard about their amazing cream teas, I’ll be sure to return and book a spot outside.

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