'And death shall have no dominion' memorial event to remember those who have died during the pandemic

The Strand Community Centre, Dawlish

'And death shall have no dominion'

This memorial event is being held to remember those who have died during the pandemic.

It will take place on Sunday 31 October at 4.30pm at the Strand Community Centre in Dawlish.

There will be an opportunity to put a photograph of your loved one on the memorial table, and to put a prayer on the prayer board.

There will be prayer and silence for meditation, a selection of appropriate poems, a brief address, and time for one or two testimonies.

Afterwards, guests will be able to have refreshments and share experiences informally.

All are welcome, whatever their faith or none.

You can contact the Strand Centre on 07957 760012 if you would like to share your story or choose a poem.

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